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Donut Doggy Shirt


It wouldn't be right to love dogs and donuts and not have a Donut Dog T-shirt. Am I right? Fun cute puppy doggy tshirt with yummy donut print on back. 

Size              Back                   Neck                         Bust 
XXS     7.09/18CM      7.87/20CM       10.24/26CM
XS       8.66/22CM      8.66/22CM       12.60/32CM
S          11.02/28CM     9.84/25CM       12.99/33CM
M       12.60/32CM     11.02/28CM      14.96/38CM
L        14.96/38CM     12.60/32CM      17.32/44CM

Material: Polyester
Delivery: Please expect 2-3 weeks. All puppy items are Final Sale. 

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